No Hat will define me...

No matter what hat I'm wearing on any given day--writer, thinker, programmer, designer, farmer, leader, chef, fisherman, woodworker, dad, granddad, husband-- my approach to work, and life is simple--be kind, stay humble and remember: "Always place a premium on hard work, craftsmanship and creativity." No hat can truly define me, but each hat is symbolic of the many pieces and experiences of my life and work, not unlike yourself, I'm sure.

When I launched Surf City Design in 1995, my goal was, and continues to be--empower those I work for with insight, vision and creativity. Help those who hired me, "see the forest for the trees." In support of this, be honest and a good listener, take criticism and don't be afraid to object... embrace the collaborative, always be sincere and someone that is reliable.

In my 30+ years in creative, I can tell you there is no one "right" approach, sometimes you have to forge a new path--sometimes the "cookie-cutter" method or recipe just works great--the end-goal is to make the work product/deliverable inspirational and exceptional, a true reflection of the client's persona or culture.

Why Surf City Design? We listen to your needs and ideas, and we translate it into something uniquely "yours." What I know to be true, is we have the power within us, to create singularly, or collectively, adding "ideas" and "flava" to make something truly unique and memorable. This is why "I do what I do," and a reason why Surf City Design has earned a great reputation over time.

Got nothing but love and repsect for those I work for and with, we are on a real great journey! Special shout-out to Louis Vasquez, owner @ Triple8 Networks, LA since 1998--appreciate you bro, you are my fail-safe when the code gets rough--you are simply the best my friend!

Be cool! Stay cool! Make something very cool!

Marty Beatrice

Just an old baller showin up on "Any Given Sunday"!